The Fourth

After spending the Fourth of July in Boston, I can say that I truly have come away with a new perspective on life.  I started out this year with one ambition, to have unabashed, ridiculous fun.  Two numbers were in my head: 22 and 2016.  After years of my life going down the tubes in… More The Fourth

The Great Thaw

Summer is finally here.  It has brought me sunburns, old friends and time in the water.  Over the past few months I have posted a fair amount on this blog.  It has been a time for me to figure out major things about my life.  In turn, you all have been able to read about… More The Great Thaw

Something More

I just made it home from a mind bending trip to Hamilton College.  Graduation was amazing, better than anything I could have ever dreamed.  Seeing close friends at that point of happiness and stress was such a memorable experience.  On the way home I tried to put to words what the whole experience was like.… More Something More

Welcome Home

Again, I find myself about to take off on another journey.  This time to Colorado to see good friends and relax.  Austin has been a city that has filled me with warmth and understanding.  From the UT pool, hot tub and sauna to the Gathering of the Wayfinders Martha Beck conference, I have been filled… More Welcome Home

It’s Boston.

I sit here on a flight to Austin, TX.  My legs are sore.  My whole body is tired.  But I did it.  I ran the 2016 Boston Marathon.  The experience was unlike anything I could have dreamed.  I had truly no idea what it meant to run 26.2 miles for a cause that I truly… More It’s Boston.